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Achieve in their own value positions

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Report on the National Model Worker, Outstanding Staff DCS Instrument and Electronics Kai Chen's outstanding deeds of company
Kai Chen graduated from Shanghai University in 1989, in August into the DCS companies, engineers, Communist Party members. Shanghai Automation Instrumentation Co., Ltd. served as general Party branch members of the DCS Corporation, Vice President during bear in mind the "cause in their work and dedication in the post", the pursuit of "the job of realizing their own value." Since 2000, he designed and organized by the projects completed more than a hundred items. Sales of 4.1 billion, creating nearly 3,000 million benefit. Chen Kai has become a highly skilled, highly professional skills of China's young generation of industrial control systems technology experts. Catch up with advanced technology in the world has made its due contribution.
"Ideal Ye Hao, wishes Ye Hao, must contact their posts, doing their part"
Everyone has their own ideals, aspirations, from a large area is a large ideal of life, and childhood are said to be their own goals and pursue. Chen Kai that a person can not do without material life, is a matter of survival, but, as a young technology workers can not just live for the substance, he should do our own as the pursuit of life, as their ambition to Gang Wei , vision and values in life. Chen Kai 93-year study in America, his cousin, Jun Ni considerable popularity in the United States, University of Michigan professor, Ph.D., 93 annual Ten Outstanding Young American, had been met with former U.S. President Bill Clinton. Cousin Kai Chen Jie Feng for the same time, straightforward cousin hope to stay in the United States, "If you stay in the United States, all the formalities, the cost for me to do that with my position and strength can do." However, Chen Kai was organizational trust me, sent me out, should have their own pursuit of the company for me now since the instrument creating growth opportunities, individuals and organizations are closely linked, I should serve the motherland and self Instrument Corporation. So, Kai Chen politely refused cousin, still returned to DCS Corporation.
One evening in 2000, work bell has rung long time, DCS Deputy General Manager Chen Kai, put down the drawings, tidy, ready to go home. "Jingle bell" ringing of the phone suddenly rang the office, Kai Chen received a telephone call, the other party to meet him. Meeting, Chen Kai is home only to know each other well-known executive search firm in charge. Because DCS counterparts in Shanghai to dig him, asking price 100,000 annual salary, and promised to help solve the housing problem. Kai Chen replied: "I am still willing to DCS company. If I go back in 93 years you can go to the United States." Work the next day, Kai Chen took the initiative to general manager said that since the instrument companies and DCS training me, please rest assured that the leadership in order to DCS's Tomorrow, I will do a modest.
Aim at the world advanced technology to more learning, more thinking, more innovation
Kai Chen and colleagues in 1993 for the first time participate in the United States to undertake the Waigaoqiao project, DCS control system responsible for the survival of the screen's development projects, he created a self-system screen MAX1000 features; then the first time when the DCS undertake the two sets of 300,000 units, he created a whole incentive simulation system.
In 1998, he broke the U.S. blockade of technology, independently developed with independent intellectual property rights MAX1000 + "PLUS" package; 99 years not only to solve the computer millennium bug problem, sent the "486" workstation to "Pentium" workstations. Those results, my colleagues believe the key lies in Chen Kai to more learning, more thinking, more innovation, the key lies in his unwavering confidence and faith. Screen control system design, face large, large margin, difficult, involving hundreds of sites to the 1000 screen, Kai Chen and colleagues has never been done, but he is good at the mission, responsibility, into more learning, more thinking. He thought, if each received a future project, to be re-designing a screen, not only affect the progress, but can not ensure quality. Can improve this problem? Line of thinking opened, he insisted from the standardization through in overall design, the use of comprehensive, digital, analog control logic, to ensure the formation of both the overall size of the screen, but also the standard operation, through creative design and continuous testing, finally developed with its own characteristics MAX1000 control screen, this American colleagues are very surprised, very impressed. Screen living system, became the 90's MAX1000 systems development and use of standardized reference frame system, and it became a model for the U.S. reference.
Pengcheng power plant project in the 300,000 units of the whole simulation system incentives facing a "dead end" of the difficulties, Chen Kai duty-bound to accept new challenges. As the system design, computer control, very demanding, the amount of data is very much changed from 6000-7000 to 12,000 points, control from the false (ideas) to control exactly the same with the scene. Kai Chen Through repeated thought, boldly proposed to improve transmission, improved hardware architecture, when this idea to consult experts in the United States, the American answer to impossible. However, Chen Kai courage, daring innovation, of half a month, finally completed the simulation system-wide incentives. 98 years in Tongling DCS branch undertakes the project is 30 million KW, with the late nineties the U.S. MCS company launched the product MAX1000 + PLUS. U.S. technical block, to transfer the asking price is high, how do? The United States can, we can; foreign to the design, we can design. Chen Kai volunteered to put forward their own development. Did not participate in the training, nor informed, of more than 20 days and nights, finally, "public logic" developed out of the company saves money for the DCS, and the logic is more suitable for China's national conditions. Later, the U.S. is very surprised and could not underestimate the strength of DCS office. Learning, thinking, intelligent work is Chen Kaicheng length of the secret talents of experts, showing the Kai Chen's personal charm.
"Technology to learn foreign advanced technology, must be for our use, to explore new frontiers"
U.S. MAX1000 Series DCS system is the introduction of technology from the instrument company's products, early 90's, DCS localization company began work two years through the tireless efforts of 2000-2001, Kai Chen organized a card made of pieces of research work, and finally mastered the MAX1000 system at all levels of the communication structure, communication protocols and communication protocols, distributed processing unit mastered the core working mechanism, and all the conventional I / O cards of the production technology. Mentioned for our use, bound to make you think of Chen Kai first dared to DEH Turbine DCS system and hydraulic control system of the integration story. United States has never done this subject, when Kai Chen experts to exchange views with the United States, U.S. experts believe can not do, do not support, does not support. However, Chen Kai had the courage to explore new areas, create new ideas and will combine software and hardware research; explore the speed servo card card and the use of, start your preparation software, design card cases, results of hard work pays off, and finally developed out of a DCS system with the DEH system combines integrated power plant control system, DCS and DEH to fill the gaps in the use of the combination, but also for the DCS control system to open up new areas of the vast world.
As users of the DCS system to understand, more and more users will not be the original DCS system control points into the DCS system control areas. This will allow greater ease of operation, management more convenient and low cost. 2000 DCS company takes over the pond power plant in Jiangsu Xu 2X300MW unit project, which control access to the electrical power plant DCS systems is the earlier of the same time, proposed power plant than the "Quality Project" demanding "quality project "The objective of the new century and the first set of large-scale power plant project, Kai Chen and colleagues from design start, closely around the Ministry of Electric Power Technology Agreement specification and project requirements, organization of technical research, focus on project quality, according to the quality Xu Tong on schedule to complete the power plant project, the plant has won two projects currently Xu Tong plant in Jiangsu Province has become the "benchmark plant." DCS 2001, the company undertakes to use China-made system of Jin SUPMAX plant 2X135MW unit project, before the system is only used in small SUPMAX500 controlled items, but Zhangqiu unconventional power plant project includes seven subsystems, each unit more than 4000 points I / O points and previous large-scale power plant has the same system for further innovation on the development SUPMAX imminent, the task is daunting, but we must seize the opportunities of the project, which is backing a new generation of SUPMAX system, is a stage. Under the leadership of the Kai Chen, finally by the end of February 2002, completed the power plant SUPMAX800 Zhangqiu system development, production, engineering design and configuration debugging, to ensure that the appearance of acceptance Zhangqiu power plant project, created in Shandong power Plant two units have double-cast in the new record. DCS 2003 system the company used to undertake SUPMAX 3 sets of a similar size unit and a large number of medium-sized automation projects through a national identification and testing for the development of our own DCS system adds a new chapter. Since the instrument company to take the Shanghai Economic Commission, Science and Technology Commission of green energy control device for the task, 2000 -2 003 years, Kai Chen and colleagues also participated in the "LPG Liquefied Petroleum Gas Dispenser", "LPG Liquefied Petroleum Gas Station monitoring device "," CNG gas stations monitoring device "research and development project, this international metropolis of Shanghai contributed to environmental protection, and through the municipal appraisal, LPG device is already in use. Around the Company "bigger, stronger instrument" development strategy, in order to expand the field of system development, in the UPS power supply system based on the ability to track the traffic signal control system in place, Kai Chen has led according to the requirements of the company since the instrument , to carry rail traffic on the 8th Line 30 million project, coordinated participation in negotiations, participated in study, study, also contributed.
"Cause, we need people who continue to cultivate new, this is the mission of scientific and technical personnel."
December 2001, due to work requirements, Chen Kaicheng take up the Chief Engineer of responsibility. To this end, he would like most is "cause, we need people who bring up the cause of man" and "how to copy itself, creating new", while Kai Chen insisted set an example to example to guide you, as a continuous fatigue, he had clearly felt health spending overdraft, fainted several times at the work site. The management on the other hand, he himself made two: one to create an opportunity for the backbone, an opportunity to enable them to dare to be responsible for undertaking the project, dare to innovate, improve technical level, enhance the level of thought; 2 To create a scientific and technical personnel for each position on the love in their businesses, their ability and professional dedication, and create an environment, an atmosphere. Chen Kai, said he would like to explore through matrix management, scientific and technical personnel into full play each of the wisdom and talents in achieving DCS Company "bigger, stronger" development goals, further realize the value of scientific and technical personnel of their own.
DCS rapid development in 2000, sales of 50 million yuan in 2004 reached 120 million, which are difficult to pay with Chen Kai inseparable from the efforts. To do this, Kai Chen received a series of honors: 95 key industrial projects of Shanghai Science and Technology and Ministry of Machinery research advanced individual research projects focused on preserving station advanced individuals, 98 young people in Shanghai advanced, Shanghai science and technology of advanced individual research focus on industrial projects, construction industry in 2000, Shanghai New Heights advanced individuals, "outstanding scientific and technological workers." Then, Kai Chen successively awarded the "Medal of the National Labor Day," "outstanding scientific and technological workers," "Shanghai Model Worker" and "outstanding party members" and so on, and was elected as "the eighth Shanghai party congress. " Was awarded the 2003 Shanghai Electronics Development Holding (Group) Corporation "Outstanding staff" title.

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