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WFT-202 radiation pyrometer product introduction

WFT-202 radiation pyrometer is an instrument to measure the surface temperature of an object according to the thermal radiation phenomenon. The surface temperature of the object can be determined by the relation between the known electric potential signal and the surface temperature of the object. The radiation pyrometer is suitable for measuring the temperature of various kilns, salt baths, etc. . It is also suitable for other places where the thermocouple is not suitable. Generally, the thermal radiation ability of different objects is different. The radiation capacity of an object is directly proportional to its absorption capacity. An object that can absorb the radiation completely is called a blackbody. The relation between thermal radiation energy and temperature of blackbody is described by Stephen's law: WFT-202 radiation pyrometer, it is based on the principle of thermal radiation effect of objects to measure the surface temperature of objects, it is suitable for metallurgical, mechanical, silicate and chemical industry departments to continuously measure the temperature of various furnaces, high-temperature pits, salt baths and other occasions, and for other inappropriate installation of thermocouple place, with appropriate display instrument, can indicate, record automatically adjust measured temperature. The instrument is fixed, the temperature sensor can be used in the environment of 10 ~ 80 °C, when the environment temperature exceeds 80 °C or there is water vapor in the air medium, when the smoke can be reduced by means of water cooling, ventilation and other auxiliary devices, blow off the flue gas in the measurement channel to reduce the measurement error. Temperature sensor auxiliary device is divided into light and heavy two. In order to prevent the flame or high temperature gas in the kiln being measured from blowing out from the measuring channel and burn the instrument, a flame-proof device is installed, which can automatically operate in case of danger, protect the instrument and send an alarm signal. And comply with JB/T2167-1999 standard.

WFT-202 radiation pyrometer is a simple non-contact radiation thermometer. It measures the surface temperature of an object according to the principle of thermal radiation effect. It is suitable for metallurgy, in the mechanical, silicate and chemical industries, continuous measurement of temperatures in furnaces, high-temperature cellars, salt baths, etc. , and in other places where thermocouples are not suitable for installation, with appropriate display instruments, it can indicate and record the measured temperature automatically

Technical data of WFT-202 radiation pyrometer products

Normal Working Environment temperature of temperature sensor: 10 ~ 80 °C NOMINAL DISTANCE COEFFICIENT: L/D = 20(when l = 1000 mm) nominal distance: l-working distance between the object temperature sensor objective d-the effective diameter of the object temperature sensor indication stable time: < 4 seconds temperature sensor working distance: 500 ~ 2000 mm


Measuring   range

Lens   material

Allowable   fundamental error

Display   Instrument

Temperature   range

Error   Value



Quartz   glassDividing signF1




Electronic   potentiometerDigital display instrument or millivolt meter




Dividing signF2




Operation and maintenance of WFT-202 radiation pyrometer

1. The instrument should be installed in the working place where the environment is clean, the vibration is small, easy to maintain.

2. The Working Environment temperature of radiation temperature sensor is over 100 °C, water cooling device must be used. But must also prevent the shell temperature is too low, resulting in condensation of water vapor on the surface of the Lens, and affect the value, this should be appropriate to reduce the cooling water flow.

3. The wiring box and the protection signal device should be installed together with the display instrument in general, the environment temperature does not exceed 50 °C, the relative temperature 85% .

4. The working distance of the radiation temperature sensor is generally (0.5 ~ 2) meters. The effective diameter of the object to be measured should meet the requirements of schedule 3 and the attached drawings in the appendix, so as to ensure that the image of the object to be measured can fully fill the sighting scene and receive sufficient heat radiation energy, see figure 12 as shown; at the same time should keep the temperature sensor field clean, no water, gas, smoke and other serious impact on the existence of heat radiation medium, otherwise should take measures to exclude. For example, blow with a clean Compressed air or use a suction device to remove.

5. Line laying: first use connecting cable from the temperature sensor and protective gate, then connect with ordinary copper core wire, wire should be laid in the metal pipe, ensure by good shielding and mechanical protection.

6. Adjust the wire resistance: from figure 7,8,9 should adjust the temperature sensor to the wiring box and wiring box to the moving coil display instrument wiring resistance is (5 ± 0.1) , can change the wiring box two r resistance value to achieve.

7The Lens of the radiation thermometer should be cleaned, wiped and kept clean, and checked regularly. It can also be calibrated on the spot by comparing with the optical pyrometer or thermocouple. 8. The auxiliary device should be regularly checked to prevent the water and steam pipes from clogging and the protective gate from failure, so as to ensure the normal function of each component.

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