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  • Product name:Automatic Verification Device of WJT-401Z thermal resistance
  • Product Type:WJT-401Z
  • Product nameplate:SAIC
  • Project Category:Temperature Meter
  • Manufacturer:Shanghai Automation Instrumentation Co., Ltd.
  • Sales unit: Shanghai Automation Instrumentation Marketing Center
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  • Introduction
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WJT-401Z thermal resistance automatic verification device is the latest product of our factory adopting new microcomputer technology. It is an updated product developed on the basis of the original automatic verification device of thermal resistance. The product has the advantages of simple operation, high degree of automation, GOOD MAN-MACHINE DIALOGUE AFFINITY, reliable verification data, reliable and stable performance. The thermal resistance system of this machine is specially used for calibrating industrial grade A and grade B thermal resistance. It is suitable for testing and verifying PT100, PT10 platinum thermal resistance and CU50, CU100 copper thermal resistance. The thermal resistance is tested by the method of potential difference test and comparison, that is, standard resistance, secondary standard platinum resistance and tested thermal resistance are directly compared. Since the key devices in the device are high precision and high stability digital-ampere voltmeters, standard resistors and constant current sources, and some special technical measures are adopted, the reliability and reliability of the testing data are ensured that the accuracy of the testing system is not less than 0.005 level. The device is suitable for use by provincial, municipal and county-level legal metrological technical institutions, industrial and mining enterprises and scientific research units.

Specification parameter

WJT-401Z thermistor automatic verification device is specially designed for verifying Industrial Grade A and B thermistors. It is suitable for testing and verifying PT100, PT10 platinum thermistors and CU50, CU100 copper thermistors

Product Technical Data

1Working conditions

1              ensure accurate temperature20±2

2              ambient temperature1828

3              relative humidity3080

4              atmospheric pressure94109kPa

5              power supplyAC220V±10   50Hz±1

6              visible dust free of corrosive gases in the surrounding air

7              there is no external magnetic field except the geomagnetic field

8              vibration-free and shock-free workplace

2Overall size and weight

(1)       microcomputer measuring system: 1400 ~ 1200700 mm (width, height and depth) , weight 70 kg;

(2)       0 °C and 100 °C temperature source: 700800500 mm (wide, high and deep) , weight 30 kg

(3)       electric furnace and voltage regulator: 10001200400mm (wide, high and deep) , weight 120kg

(4)       control box: 410200458mm (wide, high and deep) , weight 20kg

3 Technical parameter

(1)   minicomputer: Domestic Brand 586 or above, or equivalent type of brand

high precision digital multimeter: MODEL Keihley 2000 ten thousand bit multimeter

A. ACCURACY: 0.1 v;

B. ACCURACY: ± (0.005% reading + 0.0035% range)


 With microcomputer communication interface RS 232.

(3) Console: The console consists of a worktable and a control box. The control box comprises a thermocouple and a thermal resistance control circuit.

4PRINTER: Jet Black Printer

50 °C temperature source: consists of agitator and freezing point tank.

6The temperature source at 100 °C is composed of water boiling point tank, heating element and temperature measuring instrument.

     Temperature error of 100 °C temperature source: Deviation from 100 °C is not more than ± 2 °C

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