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  • Product number:MC-000053003729
  • Product name:Electric actuatorerver
  • Product Type:11A/IW4
  • Product nameplate:SAIC
  • Project Category:Actuator
  • Manufacturer:Shanghai Automation Instrumentation Co., Ltd.
  • Sales unit: Shanghai Automation Instrumentation Marketing Center
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  • Introduction
  • Specifications
“M” and “A” series of electric actuator contain complete specifications, adopt integrated structure, derive straight、angle electric actuator of different functions, and can provide users with fast and two-speed electric actuator. “M” series of electric actuator used in continuous adjusting occasions, the adjusting frequency can reach 1200 times per hour. “A” series of electric actuator used in  intermittent adjusting occasions, as adjusting device of valve, frequency is 60 times per hour, max less than 600 times, can not do continuous work more than 15 minutes per hour. “M” and “A” series of electric actuator is operated unit of automatic adjustment control system, receive unified simulation or digital standard signal, widely used in the power plant, chemical, petroleum, metallurgy, light industry, building materials, water treatment and other industrial sectors
Input signal : d.c.0~10mA、d.c.4~20mA.d.c. 1~5V .d .c.24V  Pulse signal: DCS digital signal
Power supply:
Single-phase  AC220V,50 or 60Hz
Three-phase  AC380V,50 or 60Hz
Basic error:  ±1%,±0.5%
Hysteresis : 1%,0.2%
Dead band : 1%~12.5%(adjustable)
Environment temperature: -30~70℃
Protection level: IP68

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